JAHS Leo Club serves community


JAHS Leo Club serving community

Gretchen Roaden, Staff Writer

For the past eight years, Jonathan Alder High School has offered volunteer opportunities for students through LEO Club. This group is sponsored by Plain City Lions Club and works closely with the Plain City DNA in an attempt to better the community as well as the school. 

This club is run by JAHS English Teacher Megan Marling and LEO Club Advisor Linda Peters, who is a member of the Plain City Lions Club.  LEO stands for Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity..

Over the past several months, LEO club has been “getting more done in smaller amounts of time” says sophomore Anna Engle, who serves one of the leadership positions.

Engle says, “My job in the club is to help plan meetings and direct others in the group, and I also run the LEO Clubs Instagram page. I’m grateful for the leadership opportunity, as well as having the club available for students.”

Alder’s chapter of the club has about 75 active members across all grades, and the group plans and participates in events throughout the year, both at Alder and in the community.

Advisor Linda Peters says, “it’s a club where you can sign up for the times when you’re available and can help. So if your schedule is super busy and you can only support certain events, it’s still a huge help.”

As the adults and students both enjoy making the community a better place it also builds up volunteer hours. Students may need volunteer hours for church groups, NHS, other volunteer groups, or they may just want to better the school and community. LEO club gives students the ability to gain those volunteer hours and make the school a better place for students and creates a better and closer community. 

Engle says, “I felt the most heartwarmed after LEO club spent Christmas Under the Clock at DNA helping them set up their toy shop, it was super important to me because I love serving people and it doesn’t just serve a portion.” 

In the past few months LEO Club has done a lot to support others from helping DNA to passing out Valentines. LEO Club also plans to make a difference in our community by helping Past Time Park hide Easter Eggs for the annual egg hunt they host every year.