America’s campiest night

Jackson McCoy, Staff Writer, Editor-in-Chief

Pop culture’s most important night arrived in full force last night: the Met Gala commenced on Monday May 1, with this year’s theme being all about designer Karl Lagerfeld’s style and legacy. All of the biggest names in fashion, movies, and more were there and gave us some amazing, and sometimes bizarre, outfits. 

Overall, designs were styled with Lagerfeld’s signature elegance in mind. Pearls, flowers, feathers, and crystals dominated the red carpet. Additionally, many dresses had personal touches that served as an homage to the designer, like black gloves, white undershirts, and dark sunglasses.


Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray pose for a picture together. (Getty Images)
Rapper Sean Combs (better known as Diddy) wore a large black coat over his all-black suit. (Getty Images)
Jenna Ortega faces the photographers. (Getty Images)











Red was not just limited to the carpet tonight, as several attendees adorned scarlet dresses and suits. This was another homage to Lagerfeld’s extensive use of the color for dresses throughout his career.


Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade strike a pose in their Met Gala fits. (Getty Images)
“The Last of Us” star Pedro Pascal flashes a knee in front of the photographers.
Award-winning actress Salma Hayek stops for pictures. (Getty Images)












Wedding-dress style clothing was also a prevalent part of the attire. Lagerfeld was especially known for his wedding dresses, and several Met Gala guests actually wore these dresses (or dresses styled in a similar manner) to the event.


Penelope Cruz and Dua Lipa posede for pictures together. Both of them served as co-chairs of this year’s event.
Rapper Bad Bunny stopped for several pictures. Not photographed here is the opening in the back of his suit. (Getty Images)
Rapper and internet sensation Ice Spice poses with her own bejeweled camera. (Getty Images)













As previously mentioned, pearls and gems were a huge part of the show and Lagerfeld’s designs. Several stars took this particular choice and ran with it, delivering some incredibly flashy designs.


Kim Kardashian faces the paparazzi in her pearl-laden outfit. (Getty Images)
Model Anoka Yai sports a sequenced gold and white dress, paying tribute to one of Lagerfeld’s favorite color combinations. (Getty Images)
“Euphoria” actress Sydney Sweeney stands tall in her jewel covered dress. (Getty Images)













The feather and flower motif-based clothes were some of the night’s best, as several designers opted to go for Lagerfeld’s favorite design choices. While sometimes the feathers and flowers can get out of hand at the Met Gala, that just makes everything look way more extravagant.


Holding on to her feather crown, Florence Pugh looks towards the cameras. (Getty Images)
“What We Do in the Shadows” actor Harvey Guillén flares his coat on the red carpet. (Getty Images)
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky both made appearances at the Gala this year. (Getty Images)












Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this year’s most bizarre outfits. Every year, it’s often the same attendees wearing the most absurd clothes and this year was no exception. Thank you Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, and Jared Leto for continuing to show us what the fringes of fashion can look like while also paying tribute to Lagerfeld’s famous cat, Choupette.


Jared Leto ditched traditional Met Gala clothing in exchange for a massive cat costume made in the likeness of Choupette.
On top of her sparkling dress, singer Doja Cat decided to add intense cat make-up to her Met Gala apparel. (Getty Images)
Compared to the other Choupette inspired looks, Lil Nas X’s bejeweled costume is a little more abstract. (Getty Images)













This year seems to be a revival of sorts for the Gala, as last year’s event was met with dislike. One review  published by Cherwell called the 2022 ball “Disappointing and passionless,” and while not many professional reviews about this year have been written, twitter reaction has been very positive.