JAHS guidance counselor Ann Davis retires


Courtesy of The Pioneer Press archives

JAHS guidance counselor Mrs. Ann Davis carrying textbooks for testing.

Sidney Troesch , Staff Writer, Photography Editor, Editor

As we close the 2022-23 school year, Alder says goodbye to several staff members, one of which being Ann Davis, who has been a school guidance counselor for 22 years.

While her title is guidance counselor, Davis’ daily work covers much more than counseling. “My job entails social and emotional counseling, scheduling, college and advisement help, testing, helping kids with applications for college, along with any other planning,” Davis says.

In these roles, Davis has had an impact on students. Junior Victoria Sanguino says, “For the past three years she has been my guidance counselor she has been nothing but a great help and would ease any concerns I have about classes. She helped me with all of my scheduling and me starting my college credit classes early.”

One of the people that has been with her the longest is fellow guidance counselor Cindy Wolfe, who has worked with Davis for 17 years. 

“She is mighty, fierce, but also very gentle, kind, and motherly,” Wolfe says of Davis. “She can tell what a person needs at any moment. That could be emotional or just something for school. Davis also keeps everyone organized and in order.” 

Wolfe goes on to say she will miss most of all her smile and her presence in the building.

 Sanguino agrees. She describes Davis as “Nice, helpful, serious, and always wants you to succeed. If I needed anything, I know I could call Mrs. Davis and she would help.” 

Though it is very hard to leave, Davis is excited about her future, 78but she will be missing Jonathan Alder. “I will miss the kids most of all,” she says. “I have seen these kids grow up and will miss seeing them every day.” 

In addition to Davis, there are several other staff members retiring this year. See our coverage in the senior issue for more on this!