Drama at the Met Gala



Doja Cat at the 2023 Met Gala.

Adalynne Wilkin, Staff Writer

The Met Gala is one of the most anticipated events every year. Many people get excited to see the clothes and the drama that happens during this ball. Every Met Gala has its own fair share of drama, and 2023’s was no different. Here is a list of the most noteworthy dramatic events that happened during this year’s event, which happened on May 1, this year. These events, although they happened weeks ago, are still being talked about all over the internet. 


Doja Cat’s first (and last?) Met Gala

Singer Doja Cat’s first Met Gala was this year, however many internet users speculate that this will also be her last. She was caught vaping on the red carpet despite the rule Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief and Chairman of the Met Gala, set against smoking at the ball. 

In a video that has since then gone viral, Doja Cat was seen vaping in the background of a Vogue live stream. She was apparently waiting for her turn in line, while Jennie from BLACKPINK was being interviewed. 

Doja was  slammed on the internet for not adhering to the no smoking rule Wintour set. One person  on Twitter wrote, “Can she like take something serious for once? What happened to having class?”  


Body bag at the Met Gala

Many celebrities use security guards and other necessary methods to hide their outfits for the big reveal on the red carpet. However, there was an incident where an unidentified celebrity was carried outside of the Carlyle Hotel completely wrapped in plastic from top to bottom. If this was a tactic to hide the red carpet outfit, it has been deemed unnecessary and strange by many on the internet. 

There is a video of the ordeal that is currently circulating social media and has sparked both criticism and jokes, which has since gone viral with over 9.6 million views.

The footage of the body wrapped in plastic has had lots of heads turning with many speculating about the contents inside. Some internet users have said that the package looks to be weightless, leading them to believe that an outfit could be inside rather than a body. 

Many viewers began to try and figure out who was inside. Lady Gaga, Doja Cat, Rhianna, Taylor Swift, and Lil Nas X, all got mentioned in the comment section of the video. One user even wrote, “So was this Nas since we didn’t see him actually leave the hotel?”.However Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift didn’t even attend this year’s Met Gala. 


A$AP Rocky hopping the fence to get into the hotel before the Met Gala 

Journalist Philp Lewis shared a video on Twitter during the Gala.  That video showed rapper A$AP Rocky pushing through the crowd and jumping a gate outside of the hotel where the event was taking place. 

In the video, Rocky, who was dressed in black sunglasses and a black hoodie, used a woman near him to help prop himself over the barrier. He used the woman’s shoulder to push  himself over the gate, to which she responded with confused shouts. The crowd didn’t know that this was Rocky, until his hood was lowered for a brief moment. 

Madelyn Llanes, 21, from Long Island, New York, spoke to ‘The Independent’  about the incident, which revealed that she initially refused Rocky’s request when he tapped her on her shoulder in an attempt to get through. 

“What happened with A$AP Rocky is that I had felt someone tapping my shoulder, so I turned around and saw it was him but my brain didn’t fully comprehend that it was him He [A$AP Rocky] said: ‘Sweetheart I need to get through’ and I just told him ‘no’ because the barricade was right in front of me, there wasn’t really anywhere to go,” she said. Llanes then goes on to say that Rocky didn’t take no for an answer, he continued to push his way through and hop the fence. 

The video, which has gotten more than 39,000 views, has sparked confusion and interest between viewers. Some speculated that Rocky was running late, as his unexpected entrance came mere hours before the Met Gala. 


While these are not the only major events that happened at the 2023 Met Gala, these were the major ones to cover.