Who Knows You Best

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     For each issue of “The Pioneer Press,” the staff chooses three individuals that have something in common and ask a series of questions. This month, “The Pioneer Press” has chosen senior Alexa Toler, her sister freshman Maddie Toler, and boyfriend senior Zeke Thorpe.


Maddie Toler Alexa Toler Zeke Thorpe
1. What is Alexa’s favorite holiday? “Her birthday” “Christmas” “Christmas”
2. What is Alexa’s favorite flavor of ice cream? “She is lactose-intolerant but will eat a M&M McFlurry.” “I’m lactose-intolerant but mint chocolate chip.” “She can’t have it but if she could, mint chocolate chip.”
3. Who is Alexa’s favorite singer? “Sam Smith” “Sam Smith” “Sam Smith”
4. What is Alexa’s favorite color? “Purple or black because it matches her soul” “Purple” “Purple”
5. What is Alexa’s dream job? “To be rich without having to work” “A physical therapist” “Not having one”
6. What is Alexa’s favorite movie? “10 Things I Hate About You” “10 Things I Hate About You” “10 Things I Hate About You”
7. Who is Alexa’s favorite sibling? “No comment” “Depends on the day” “Maddie”
8. Where is Alexa’s favorite place to shop? “Anywhere with a food-court” “Anywhere with food” “My sweatshirt drawer”
9. Where is Alexa’s favorite place to vacation? “Anywhere with a beach” “Gatlinburg, Tennessee” “Some place in Tennessee”
10. What is Alexa’s favorite thing to say? “Can we have pizza?” “Can we have pizza?” “Can we have pizza?”
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