Why the USA?


Lisa Skogsøy, School News Reporter

Here is a question I get a lot: why did I decide to leave home and go to the USA for a year?  Well, there are several reasons as to why I made that decision. I am generally a good English speaker, but I have a goal for the end of this year to speak English like a native English speaker. Another reason for my decision was to experience American culture. The high school spirit, football games, and the whole works. I come from a small community, where there were about twenty people in my grade, and I wanted to expand my view on the world, and learn new things, and meet new people.

And of course, all the different sports… so far I have been to several football games, seen ice hockey, cross country, and on my latest adventure this past Sunday, my host family took me to a baseball game in Cincinnati between the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Since my host dad was a Pittsburgh native we were “supporting” the Pirates.

After two hours of driving and maneuvering past a traffic jam, or what we Norwegians call a traffic cork, at the highway, we finally got to Cincinnati. I saw a beautiful bridge that I had to take pictures of that led to Kentucky.

The baseball stadium is huge! We actually had to take the elevator up and down between the seating places. The first place we sat down happened to be in the glare of the sun, so we changed seats to sit in the shadow. The game itself was fascinating, but I am easily distracted and the big screens kept making announcements or filming random people. It was funny but I missed chunks of the game. Also, there was a guy who kept shouting about peanuts, and walked around selling a bunch of them. I did not notice him until he was standing right by my ear. I had an image in my head that if I had popcorn I would have spilled it all over myself.

Well, I had to go to a baseball game since I am in the US, so that is something I can cross off my bucket list. A very entertaining Sunday, I would say.