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What it takes to make a school lunch

Maddie Hardesty, School News Reporter

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     One may be annoyed at why the Lunch Lady doesn’t let you charge a few cents to your account, but if you think about the 2,100 kids across the district, those few cents add up.

    There are a million different guidelines each school cafeteria has to follow, so don’t get annoyed with your Lunch Lady.

    When serving lunches there are a ton of different rules and regulations to follow when buying, selling, and serving food. The things thought to be unnecessary, really are.

    Each week, you have to have certain requirements. The amount of calories served has to be the same each week. Portion sizes and coloring of fruits and vegetables matter. A certain percentage of fat, sodium, and whole grains are things that have to be watched each week.

    For the cafeterias’ breakfast, the Lunch Ladies have to be in as early as 6:45 and leave as late as 1:45.

    It takes a lot to keep the people happy.

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What it takes to make a school lunch