Parking Pandemic


William Moore, Staff Writer

Every day before the tests, notes and quizzes,  J.A. students congregate their vehicles in the parking lot.  However, some issues have arisen due to this, such as traffic, noise pollution, and paint wearing away.  This issue affects everyone other than the Freshmen class, due to the fact that they, for the most part, can’t drive.

The parking lot isn’t just for parking your car–it’s also used by many sports teams.  Baseball practices on it, cross country and track run on it, and the marching band uses it to practice their performances.  

As multifaceted as the parking lot is, some problems arise, like slipping on ice and the fading lines.  The lines seem to be a consistent issue among students. Junior Blake Caldwell said, “Repaint it so I actually know where to park my car.”

Space 114 is fading.

However, another factor that contributes to students frustration is each other.  Almost every day after school you can hear a symphony of beeps and various horns going off at each other.  This causes some students to be upset due to all of the noise. As Sophomore Allison VanVlack said, “It’s annoying but there’s really no way to stop it.”

People driving recklessly is also a problem that our school faces.  As Junior Ben Soloha put it, “Just because you’re a sophomore and your dad bought you a nice new truck doesn’t mean you have the right of way.”