Jonathan Alder’s Homecoming Parade and Bonfire

Caitlyn Feay, Staff Writer

The Jonathan Alder homecoming parade and bonfire was on October 6, with the parade starting at 6:30 and the bonfire shortly after. The parade started at Pastime Park at the Chillicothe Street entrance, went through Main Street, and returned to Pastime Park through the Main Street entrance. Afterwards, most left to get to the high school for the bonfire.

The parade began with the Jonathan Alder high school marching band, followed by the homecoming court in different cars. The football team drove by in their float shortly after, throwing foam footballs and candy. The cheerleaders followed the football team’s float, holding signs with the Alder letters. They also had a decorated sign on the back of the float with the words “Alder Cheer”.

The girls soccer team went by, with some photos of their team’s seniors. Then the tennis team drove by after that with some signs mentioning the seniors’ names, and another sign with the words “Where love means nothing”. They also had a few bags of candy that they threw. After that, the golf team came by waving to everyone, and throwing smarties. Next up was the boys soccer team; their float consisted of a photo of their senior and soccer ball pictures. Then the cross country team and the volleyball team with signs saying to follow them on tiktok. To end the parade there were a few first responder trucks go by, which included a few fire trucks and cars, and a police officer.

At the bonfire, many of the cheerleaders arrived first to practice, and the football team hung around together for a bit. As people gathered around the structure of the fire, the football team then lit the fire. The band arrived, which begun the cheerleaders, band, and majorettes performing around the fire.

These events were a prelude to the homecoming football game on the 8th and the homecoming dance on the 9th.