Jonathan Alder Student Wins Vax2School Scholarship


Anna Gribbell, Staff Writer, Editor

Jonathan Alder Sophomore, Jacob Cameron, received a $10,000 scholarship as part of Ohio’s Vax2School incentive program for the Covid-19 vaccinations. The news was announced this September 30 on Twitter and Instagram at @ohiovax2school and also on their website.


According to Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, “The incentive is that anybody in that age group who wants any kind of education, this scholarship will pay for it. You can use that money for any kind of advancement, any kind of education.” 


The scholarship money will be applicable to any higher-education programs in Ohio, including four-year colleges, two-year universities, trade schools, graduate schools, and even job training. 


Every day from November 29 through December 30, there will be a new announcement updating the winners. 30 Ohioans ages 5 through 25 will be announced each evening for the $10,000 prize, as well as an additional five additional grand prize winners. The grand prizes are $100,000 scholarships, and the winners will be announced Friday, December 3 around 7:29 pm.


Cameron says the unexpected announcement was a welcome surprise to find out about, “Yeah, it was very cool.”


The due date to enter the Vax2School lottery has passed, but if you have entered yourself or a child for the scholarships, keep your eyes peeled for the news that will be coming from the program.