Alder introduces new teachers and staff for 2022-23

Megan Krummrey, Staff Writer, Editor

As the JAHS enters the 2022-2023 school year, many changes were made to the faculty at the high school. There has been an unusually large number of staff changes, both within the district and at the high school. 


There are three new teachers: Kendal Smith, Christopher Roberts, and Susan Wittenauer. Smith teaches French, Roberts is teaching social studies, and Wittenauer is the new intervention specialist. 


As most know, John Glatz was a long time staff member at Alder, and taught French up until last year when he retired. This year however, Smith, recently graduated from The Ohio State University, is looking to mix things up with new ideas this year. 


“The past French teacher was really great and really loved by his students. I think [this year] I’m really just trying to build off of his legacy but then also kind of come into my own and do things my own way,” Smith says.


While Smith, Roberts, and Wittenauer are new additions to the high school, there are also several familiar faces that have been transferred from other buildings, or have substituted at Alder previously.
These include Darren Clark, Missy Snyder, Katrena Kugler, David Fink, and Caitlin Sheridan. Clark, who previously taught math, is now the Vice Principal, and Snyder, who was a substitute, now teaches Algebra 2.  Kugler has assumed the role of art teacher (switching from Spanish), Fink is now teaching social studies in addition to ISC, and Sheridan was hired as an English teacher at Alder to fill the opening left by retiree Anita Swigart after she completed her student teaching with Rachael Zimmerman last year. 


A familiar face for many of the students is Craig Kyle. Returning this year to the high school after a decade at the junior high, Kyle will continue to teach health and physical education, as well as continuing to coach baseball and football. On top of that however, he will also be teaching Lifetime Fitness and Sports Nutrition. This past year, due to graduation requirement changes, Kyle did not teach anything other than PE.


“[I’m] just excited to be back teaching [health]. Mental health is something that is super important to me, and I love that I’m able to talk to and just connect with students who are older [about their mental health],” Kyle says.


With so many changes, it could be very easy to become overwhelmed and intimidated. However, all of the new staff is facing the challenge head on and meeting it with enthusiasm. Excited for the year ahead, these teachers have many positive things to say about the coming months.


“I’m really just looking forward to getting involved with everything at Alder and in Plain City,” Wittenauer says. “This community is so special, and I can’t wait to start going to athletic events, and overall just being a part of it.”