Q&A with Nathan Reynard

Gretchen Roaden, Staff Writer

Senior Nate Reynard is a member of the Jonathan Alder boys golf team. He has been playing golf for all four years of high school and plans on becoming a firefighter after he graduates. Nate shares the difficulties he’s faced. He has strived to overcome obstacles and create goals for not only the team, but for himself too. 

Q: How has the season been so far overall?

A: This is the best team we’ve had and I believe we have the best program. Our potential is very very high this year because of the time we’ve put in and skills we’ve learned as a team. Our plan is to get past districts and win states.

Q:  What team goals have you been working on this season, and how are those going?

A:Practicing more helps but taking a few days off is also good too. We practice everyday after school. Sometimes nine hole practices six days out of seven at the range, or actually playing at The Ridge. 

Q: What have been your personal goals? Does golf impact your overall mood? 

A: Golf does stress me and it can alter my mood, but overall what keeps me coming back is knowing I can do better, have fun, and not fall short every time. My goals are to reach an 18 hole average better than 79 and a 9 hole average better than 39. It has not been met but I’ve been close with a nine hole average of 40 and an 18 hole average of 80. 

Q:Favorite memory of any season you’ve ever played? How does that memory influence you?

A: My freshman year one of the boys took his club with his opposite hand, swung,  and nailed the cart barn at the Ridge and coach Whitt yelled at him in front of everyone. It made me feel better about the team knowing we could and would have fun, especially because it was my first year. 

Q: What are some other things you’re involved in after school? What do you plan on doing after highschool? 

A: I mostly just practice playing golf after school and hangout with some of my friends. I plan on joining the fire academy after highschool because my dad is a retired Columbus firefighter, and I just really want to save lives and give people the chance to get help when they need it.

Q: What’s one thing you might suggest to an upcoming golf player?

A: Enjoy it while it lasts and have fun because these four years fly by really fast, it doesn’t seem real but it is.