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Who knows you best?

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    For each issue of “The Pioneer Press,” the staff chooses three individuals that have something in common and ask a series of questions. This month “The Pioneer Press” has chosen sophomore Rylee Griffen, his girlfriend junior Julie Jakse, and his best friend sophomore Jaron Wheelbarger.

FullSizeRender               RYLEEPR                JARONPR

1) What position does Rylee play in basketball?

Julie “Shooting guard”  Rylee “Shooting guard” Jaron “Shooting guard”

2) What is Rylee’s dream date?

Julie “To go camping”  Rylee “Five course meal at McDonald’s” Jaron ”Five course meal at McDonald’s”

3) What is Rylee’s favorite brand of shoe?

Julie “Vans”  Rylee ”Vans” Jaron “Vans”

4) What is Rylee’s favorite brand of clothing?

Julie “H&M”  Rylee ”Brixton” JaronUrban Outfitters”

5) Who is Riley’s celebrity crush?

Julie “Me”  Rylee “Selena Gomez” Jaron “Selena Gomez”

6) What is Rylee’s favorite candy?

Julie “Smarties”  Rylee “Reese’s or Smarties” JaronReece’s”

7) What is Rylee’s favorite holiday?

Julie “Christmas”  Rylee “Christmas” Jaron “Christmas”

8) What does Rylee look for in a girl?

Julie “Someone really funny”  Rylee ”Julie” JaronJulie”

9) Who does Rylee like better? Julie or Jaron?

Julie “Jaron”  Rylee “Yes” Jaron “Jaron, obviously.”

10) Where does Rylee want to live when he’s older?

Julie “Chicago with Jaron” Rylee “Chicago” Jaron “Chicago”

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Skylier Beachy is a senior at Jonathan Alder High School. He enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with friends. This is his second year on the newspaper...

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