Going Back to School 100%.


Going back to school full time at Jonathan Alder Highschool. Photo from- https://unsplash.com/s/photos/school

Morgan Liening, Staff Writer

Going back to school full time at Jonathan Alder High School. Photo from- https://unsplash.com/s/photos/sc

After a long three months, students are getting used to the new way of learning. For many students, the two-day-a-week schedule is very stressful. Now the school board is talking about going back to school full time. 

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jonathan Alder School District is following a hybrid learning plan where students attend school two days a week, except for some students who have chosen to do just online learning instead. 

Now after doing hybrid for a couple of months, Jonathan Alder High School is making plans to go back full time on October 26th, 2020. Jonathan Alder Highschool was originally supposed to go back October 12th, 2020, but after talking, the school board and administration have decided to postpone this date due to the amount of COVID-19 cases in the school and suggested that we go back at a later time so less people have the chance of getting covid. Meanwhile, students’ feelings differ about going back to school. 

Sophomore Mia Lopresti, one of the students who returned to in-person school, has mixed feelings about the school board’s decision to return soon.

“I am personally fine with it,” Lopresti says, ¨but I am going to miss not having to wake up as early on the days I don’t go to school.”

Sophomore Monica Santiago, who goes to the building two times a week, is also on the fence about going back full time, after hearing about the switched date.

¨I feel like it should be pushed back even more, since right now Madison County is in the red zone and I feel unsafe at school now,” she says. “I shouldn’t have to feel unsafe and worried for my health at school when we’re still going back to school full time so soon in the upcoming weeks.¨

Lopresti and Santiago aren’t the only ones who have mixed feelings about going back to school full time. Freshman Abby Bush is also concerned about going back. 

“I have mixed feelings about going back 100% because although I’ll get to see my friends and everyone in our grade, I’m nervous to see if the workload is going to change (either more or less work),¨ Bush says. ¨I’ve only ever known high school as hybrid so changing it to 5 days a week is going to be a change for sure!¨

While the year hasn’t gone as anticipated, some students are happy that we are going to school 100% because it has been hard staying home and doing online school. Freshman Maddie Crabtree is excited to go back to school full time.

¨I like that we’re all going back because I get to see my friends but, I also think it’s gonna be weird because there will be dividers and stuff. I think it’ll be better because we won’t have online work.¨

Crabtree isn’t the only one content about going back to school. Junior Lucas Ochoa is also happy to go back full time because doing online school is hard for some students.

¨I think it will be better because people will get their work done,¨ he says.

Overall, students who are trying to get used to the hybrid way of learning and they can all agree that going back to school full time is going to be a big change in many ways. Most of them are excited to see where going back full time takes us. 

¨…overall I’m just hoping that we can go back and everyone can stay healthy,” Bush says.