“The Pioneer Press” addresses National Diabetes Month

Skylier Beachy, Photographer

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    October is National Diabetes Month. For those who don’t know, diabetes is a health problem that occurs when when someone’s body is unable to produce enough insulin or when the patient has a high blood sugar. Over 380 million people in the world today have diabetes. In 2030 it is estimated that the number will double.

    Diabetes is caused from both genetics and obesity. Diabetes is mainly a human health problem, but pets, such as dogs and cats, can get diabetes as well. When people have diabetes they generally have to take insulin shots in order to raise their insulin level. Some people also eat candy or any kind of sugar throughout the day to keep their sugar up.

    Type one diabetes is when your body doesn’t produce any insulin, and only ten percent of diabetics have type one diabetes. In order to treat type one diabetes, it is recommended that patients eat healthy, follow an exercise plan and take insulin. With care, type one diabetics can lead a normal life.

    In type two diabetes the body doesn’t produce enough insulin to have body parts function correctly. In order to have a healthy life with type two diabetes it is suggested that you eat healthy, be active and make sure to test your glucose level frequently. In some cases type two diabetes patients may need to take oral medication or insulin shots to maintain the blood sugar.

    Diabetes is a health problem that can be a pain to maintain. But, if a patient who has diabetes takes care of him or herself then the patient will have no trouble living a normal life.


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