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Skylier Beachy, Photographer

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Dear Editor,


    Subtweeting is something that happens due to social media. Subtweeting is a way for people to judge or bully someone behind a computer screen. Subtweeting is a big problem in the “teen world” because it makes certain people have insecurities about themselves.

    When you subtweet someone, you say something about a person, but don’t tag their username in the tweet. This can not only cause confusion among people with whom it may be about, but also cause fights that are unnecessary. When a person subtweets someone, they may be making fun of them, or maybe two people that do not like each other very much will tweet about one another.  Then there’s tweeting that involves two people that just broke up. There’s basically no positive outcome of subtweeting someone.

    In a lot of cases there are celebrities who fight via Twitter as well. In the celebrities’ cases the main culprit of the subtweeting are the paparazzi. The paparazzi, a lot of times, will tweet out or write a magazine article about how a certain celebrity said something about another celebrity, but really that is not true. I remember in 2015 Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj had Twitter fights because of the paparazzi! But, the paparazzi twisted Miley’s words and opinion about Nicki around and made what Miley said sound worse than what her actual opinion of Nicki was. So, subtweeting is not only between two teenagers, but it can also involve two or more conflicting celebrities.

    A lot of times people subtweet someone to get something off their chest and make their voice heard. But, that is rarely the correct action to do so. If you have something against someone, you should confront them and try to figure your situation out; by doing that you make it so there is no confusion and no unnecessary fights between two or more people over social media.


Skylier Beachy

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