JA soccer ends the year fighting

Skylier Beachy, Sports reporter

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    The Jonathan Alder boys lost against Hamilton Township by a score of 1 to 0. The game was tied at 0 to 0 for the entire first half. Hamilton Township did not score until the second half. The Pioneers fought hard, but in the end they could not get the job done.

    The Pioneers had to travel Hamilton Township and play at their home field. In sports, when you have the home field advantage, it is looked at as a potential game-changer. The home team normally has the bigger and louder crowd. When the crowd is cheering, the home team can normally feed off the energy and play a little harder and better. The home field advantage could very well have been the reason the Pioneers were unable to get the win.

    Even though the Pioneers failed to win the last game of the season, they possess memories that will be remembered over any loss. Junior Cameron Androw explained how the seniors affected him by saying, “It has been a memorable and fun three years. I can’t imagine the player I would’ve been without the seniors challenging me in practice everyday.”

    Senior Alex Moore said this about his last four years, “I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to play my final game with. It was a huge honor to get to know my teammates who are now lifetime friends.”

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