Three blowout victories in junior class elections

Chaz Phinney, Tech Editor

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   Last Friday, May 11, the junior class gathered in the cafeteria. It was time to elect the class officers for their senior year of high school.

   There were 4 offices open for election: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Only 5 juniors were running for an office, so three people ran unopposed and automatically won.

   Candidates went up on stage in front of the whole class and gave a speech they thought would get their classmates to vote for them. Most speeches were about 2 minutes long, and only covered why that person was fit to hold their office.

   However, Sandy Moser, who was running unopposed for class president, gave a powerful speech originally off of the tongue of Dwight Schrute. In her monologue, she moved her audience by banging on her podium and shouting, “WE ARE WARRIORS!”

  Moser went on to win class President by a landslide. Morgan Hess won class Treasurer, Abigail Doza won class secretary, and Nora Squires won class Vice-President.

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