Track to implement Pole Vault

Jonathan Alder is expecting a Pole Vault Pit by the 2019 season

Jonathan Alder is expecting a Pole Vault Pit by the 2019 season

Gavin Frick, Editor-in-Chief

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The Jonathan Alder Track Program has undergone drastic culture shifts over the past few years.

Since the momentous coaching changes in 2015, the program has frequently sent numerous athletes beyond district finals. In fact, last season, the girls team won the Central District Championships and sent a record 11 girl athletes to the Regional Championships.

Despite the recent success, the team has just been short a few points of really breaking out and becoming real threats in some of Ohio biggest invitationals.

However, the team has announced that they had just recently purchased a new pole vault pit.

The purchase allows the team to now practice pole vault at the high school instead of going to another high school. The purchase also opens the door for the program to host an invitational and possibly bid for a postseason meet.

“We’re hoping the purchase opens up opportunities and gets us closer to our ultimate goal of hosting an invitational,” said Coach Justin Creps.

Above all, the purchase allows the team to compete in pole vault throughout the season and score points in more places than ever before.

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