Q/A with Kailey Blackburn


Olivia Zimmerman, Staff Writer

 Kailey Blackburn is a sophomore at Jonathan Alder. Blackburn who participates in symphonic choir here at JA and dance at In Step Dance Center. She gives an insight of her life.


Q.How’s your day going?   

A.My day was good because we finally got back to school in person which I like because I don’t really like online school. I also got to see some of my friends. 


Q.What is your favorite place that you’ve ever traveled? 

A.I traveled to the British Virgin Islands with my family which was pretty good. The British virgin islands were so beautiful and it was extremely relaxing. It was also just a nice time to spend with my family.


Q.What’s the last song you listened to or movie you watched?

A.The last song I listened to was Falling by Harry Styles and a movie that I recently watched was ‘17 Again’ on Netflix. I thought it was a good movie because the main character gets a second chance and gets to fix his relationship with his wife.


Q.If money wasn’t an issue, what would you want to do professionally?

A.A job that deals with traveling so I can go to different places. For example Italy, Australia, Toko, and maybe Africa. I just think these places would be really nice and pretty


Q.What are you passionate about?

A.Photography, going on adventures, music, and traveling. 


Q.If you could be in any show or movie what would you be in? 

A.The show ‘Friends’ because all sorts of things happen and they go through life together. Who wouldn’t you want to go through life other than your friends?


Q.What do you plan on doing after high school? 

A.My plans are maybe to go to college and get myself an apartment with my friends. I would go to college for sociology or to become a marine biologist either at Ohio State or Colombia.


Q.What are you doing in choir at the moment? 

A.We are currently looking for new songs to sing at our up and coming concert. 


Q.What is your favorite High School memory so far?

A.Homecoming last year was exciting with all my friends because we got together to take pictures, had dinner together, and danced all night. Also JAM fest rehearsal for choir last year was very fun.


Q.How is dance going? 

A.Its going good, for sure different due to the pandemic but it’s going good. I do musical theater and jazz so right now we are learning our choreograph for my residual that’s around July.