JAHS Clubs begin with New School Year


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Maggie Storts, Staff Writer, Editor


Jonathan Alder offers many opportunities for students to get involved, one of them being through the clubs that students can join. The current list of clubs that were approved for the year includes Quiz Bowl, Quick Recall, Spanish Club, LEO Club, Student Council, and French Club. 


Quiz Bowl and Quick Recall are both trivia clubs run by Dr. Mark Lorson. Quick Recall is more Jeopardy! style, where students from both participating schools compete to answer as many questions as they can in a 12 minute round- the team with the most questions answered correctly wins. Quiz Bowl is a different style, where the team that answers a toss-up question is given three additional questions about a certain topic. Each question has a point value that varies with the speed at which the question is answered, and the team with the most points wins. Quick Recall takes place in the fall and Quiz Bowl in the winter, with practices held at 7:00am in Dr. Lorson’s classroom, room 232, on Tuesday mornings. The first Quick Recall practice is October 4th. 


Spanish Club is run by Miss Lindsay Dollinger. Students learn about Spanish culture as well as additional knowledge about the Spanish language. Last year, the Spanish Club took a trip to Kings Island at the end of the year and hosted a door decorating contest fundraiser. The meeting schedule for Spanish Club has not yet been released.


LEO Club, which stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunity, is a community service club open to all students run by Mrs. Megan Marling. Mrs. Marling hosts monthly meetings at 7:00am on Monday mornings in the library. The club is sponsored by the Plain City Lions Club and works closely with other service organizations such as the DNA. Members participate in activities throughout the year to benefit the community and better the school. Last year, some of the LEO Club projects included decorating cookies at the DNA around holiday time and collected plastic bags from students for a recycling project, which they plan to do again this year. 


Student Council is run by Ms. Kendal Smith and Mrs. Caitlin Sheridan. The student council organizes student activities, such as homecoming. The first meeting was Wednesday, September 7th and the next meeting will be within the next two weeks. The organization is open to all students. Interested students should watch the announcements for further information on meeting dates. 


French Club is open to all students and is also run by Ms. Kendal Smith. French Club members study francophone culture and learn more about the French Language. Last year, the French Club adopted an animal from the Columbus Zoo and took a trip to Zoo Lights to see the animal after visiting an authentic French restaurant. The first meeting is on Thursday, September 8th after school in room 203. 


Overall, the clubs offered at JAHS give students a variety of options to learn more about a variety of subjects, as well as challenge themselves and volunteer in the community.