Do You Know Our Staff? The Expert of All


Annabella Rapp, Staff writer

Welcome to this month’s edition of Jonathan Alder’s “Do you know our Staff?” article. If you guess the teacher correctly, your name will be posted on the next issue of “Do You Know Our Staff?”

The teacher focused on this edition of Do You Know our Staff was accomplished in high school as well as college. They participated in many extracurriculars, and even had eighteen cords at college graduation, as well as being high school valedictorian. Since they did all of those activities and were excellent in them, they have earned the title of Expert of All. 

The Expert of All did powerlifting, participated in 4-H, played flute in the marching band, wrote for the city’s newspaper, and even took a class on childhood education in high school. They were also a member of NHS, and participated in many clubs. In high school and currently, their favorite and best class is the one they are teaching. 

The Expert of All described their yearbook superlative from high school as ¨kind of ironic¨ because they had dated the same person all throughout high school and were voted most likely to get married.  After dating for all of high school, they never got married. Another fun fact about the highlighted staff member is that they received a congeniality award at their local corn festival.  

A few of their passions are Pelaton and running, and they have completed five half-marathons and are training for their first full marathon. They also used to teach Zumba classes. 

One of their proudest accomplishments is when they received a yearbook dedication. This was extra-meaningful, because that same year their mom passed, but they still hold that good memory with the dedication. 

Their favorite writing utensil would definitely be the PaperMate InkJoy gel pen, and in particular, the pink version. “I don’t get a lot of excuses honestly…but I like when people say ‘I could have done it but I didn’t want to’ ,” they stated in an interview. 

Make sure to submit your answers to the Mystery Teacher form, and we will announce the winner in the senior issue of the Pioneer Press.